Thursday, 21 December 2006

'Cor lummy it's been a while.

So is Jack Frost twisting pretty patterns on your window can you feel the chill and brr of winter well I can abit but then it is cold(obvious-sentence-man joins the Just-ice leauge :P)

Finaly I have my computer up and running thanks to my lovely partner :) so it's important I write another entery into the blog even if it's as freqent as Hialys comet.
The last month and a hlf has been a massive turn around in my life I have met the woman of my dreams,moved out of my parents place into hers/ours,relocatted to a place by the sea*Brighton* and finaly got what I always wanted.
I didn't see it comming nor did I expect things to turn out the way they have...but they did and I am thanking the heavens for the blessings I have recived.

I hope all my readers are doing fantastic and are looking foward to Xmas or whichever festival you are celebrating for this time of yeah.
I am going to my parents for a great christmas but it will be noisy and it will be that time of year when you wished batteries did not exsist.
Silas if you are reading I want to send out a personal Merry Christmas to you and to say sorry I haven't been around as of late but I have now finaly set up and we can contact each other more :).
My writing is doing well I need to finish off a few things and I am also writing a Christmas horror tale that with a little luck will be avaible in audio form via the B.H.F(georgy doing the vocals).
For now that's is the update just wanted everyone to know how amazing my partner is and how much I am looking foward to the bright future we shall have...I am so very happy right now and I hope you guys/gals get the same feelings in your lives as I do.

Bye for a bit

James :)