Monday, 15 June 2009

Spellin aynd grammar....!?

I have been reading my blog and it has come to my attention that at times it hurts to read it because of all the damn spelling errors and poor grammar.

I am working on this as I like to call myself a writer(but you probably call me something else) so I think I better act a bit more like one :/

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

NOT on these Shores.

BNP and all you kin be of no unsure mind or confused state that you prey on this country with insidious means and employing tools of treachery
Your party inflates social demons with your gaseous speeches that serve only one purpose,to drive exhilarated fear in the hearts of Britain's people like a super-fuel into the engine of a motorcar.

If you can get us to loathe and despair those different from us and those in the minority in this nation because of your self created beasts your spoils are panic stricken votes submitted by people who believe in the deluded notion that you can withdraw a fictional poison which would sooth or ills.

The BNP swirl illusions that they are the vanguard of a moral vision,that they foster a dream that only the true grain of Britain's wholesome bread consists of.
If this thin veneer is what you the voter is fooled by be prepared for the bleak bitter taste of intolerance to wash back up and the members of the party to vomit black tidal waves of freezing,constricting totalitarian vomit.