Saturday, 30 August 2008

Only loose ends.

So I passed the interview and now have a place on the course which is fantastic but it is slightly tainted by the fact I still need to enroll properly.

Certain paperwork on the open days didn't get sorted and I need to go back and tie up some loose ends on that,I hate loose ends it makes me anxious but then again sometimes that feels like a naturel state with me :P

I am pushing foward with things so it seems ;)

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Bloody nervous.

Tomorrow is the open day at college and I will be having an interview for my Holistic Massage course and I am extremely nervous about it. It's be over seven years since I last set foot in a college and even though this is an adult course the whole thing just worries me.

Obviously it's the fear that they will look at me and think I should be doing the course for whatever reason,the thing is that fear is pretty stupid but still I am a bag of nerves about it.

So fingers crossed for tomorrow and with a little luck I will be a lot happier tomorrow and will be writing about some good news.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

A small victory

Yeah I know any excuse to use a Faith No More song as a title for a blog entery...I dearly hope I never have use Stripsearch however.

Anyway back to the point the small vistory in question is finishing a short sotry called W.E.B currently submitted on two horror forums for the critical eye to gaze and muse.
With a little luck I can give this into a horror publication and maybe see it in print,it still needs some minor work to improve it,not in the least grammar and usual tsk.

If you want to read it here it is but I may have to take it down depending on wther I am allowed to keep it on when the story gets submitted for publication:

Story deleted because it is set to be published in Filthy Creations five :)