Saturday, 13 February 2010

A few more detials on the blog change.

Just so all that read this know I am going to be changing this blog for the better,my persoanl accounts and feelings on all and sundry is now here. I am not sure what yet as I am yet to create another account and move my personal stuff to said address.

This new blog will be about small press horror reviews,my writing and stories and whatever I feel makes good reading and relates to the small presses and horror.

Well it will develop but the main themes will be Small press horror publications (leaning towards the British ones) and my own writing.

Keep your eyes peeled...with an AXE!

Friday, 5 February 2010


No not me,mostly because the only facelift I could afford right now would be by a mad surgeon who would claim that I could stay awake while it happens which would result in some kind of physical death...or something I think I am trying to be funny *shrug*

No what is actuley going to happen and thanks to beautiful friend of mine Geoergy this blog will be getting a spruce up :)

It will look fantastic when done so watch this space :)

Oh and I hope to include reviews of Underground small press horror publications when done as well as the other usual blabber :)

See you soon.