Saturday, 31 January 2009

It's 200...or is it 1973?

It's all getting quite 1970's here in the U.K with a recsession that apprently hasn't been seen since the 70's and now it seems the unions are retooling by once again down tooling.

I for one would like to give a call of support to the striking workers,victims of a crashing capitilist system that thinks nothing of what it gives back to society but just what it can take and take once again.
Here lies the crux of the problem Total have been contracted to do work in this country but refuse to take on local workers in favour of Italian workers whom are prepared to wrok for less and live on a boat.

It's not the traveling workers I have any problem with and the strikers have no direct problem with them ethier. However if native workers cannot compete on a level playing field for jobs in thier own country then some action has to be taken to tell Total and our govenment that this is NOT on.

To a certain degree I do like seeing the unions finding new strengh and rediscovering thier power that Thatcher tore from them decades ago however I do fear what other parties will make of this.

Orginisations such as the BNP could see this as just the right time to divide and conquer the public and win votes,if you think the BNP taking offie is a distant nightmare only present on some distopian fiction take a look at how any facist party has got into power.

....scary isn't it.

So I do hope this striking action an foriegn worker issue doesn't mutate into a race issue,let's keep this to the matter at hand and that being striking against the corupting greed of unfeeling multi-national companies.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Thank you or no Thank You?

Am I the only one who loves Duran Durans Thank you album?

Sometimes it feels that way,it got slashed and slated in the music press with one publication saying that their cover songs were "wrong headed".

I do suppose fans of the original songs may listen to the covers and just implode at what Duran Duran did to them but I love what they did to the songs.

Perfect day is a prime example but I have yet to met the Lou Reed fan that agrees with me :(

Get this though the bands that Duran Duran covered largly approved of how the band treated thier material so maybe I have some support in my views.

I recomend this album to anyone who agrees with me that this is a good album :P

Oh and here is the track listing:

1. "White Lines" (Grandmaster Flash) – 5:31
2. "I Wanna Take You Higher" (Sly & The Family Stone) – 5:06
3. "Perfect Day" (Lou Reed) – 3:51
4. "Watching the Detectives" (Elvis Costello) – 4:48
5. "Lay Lady Lay" (Bob Dylan) – 3:53
6. "911 Is a Joke" (Public Enemy) – 3:59
7. "Success" (original by Iggy Pop, written by Iggy Pop and David Bowie) – 4:05
8. "Crystal Ship" (The Doors) – 2:52
9. "Ball of Confusion" (The Temptations) – 3:46
10. "Thank You" (Led Zeppelin) – 6:36
11. "Drive By" (Duran Duran) – 5:34
12. "I Wanna Take You Higher Again" (Sly & The Family Stone) – 4:25

Friday, 16 January 2009

Phonic Fear.

A quick early post just to point you in the direction of a audio horror experment I did with a friend of mine name Sharon.
I recently heard a piece she did as an audio tale and I really liked her voice I thought she had a distinct ability to convey feeling and atmosphere in the way she spoke. I had also tried converting one of my stories (Beggers Banquet) in audio format and it did get recorded albiet unedited but I am no longer in contact with the person so unfourtunatly that recording won't ever see the light of day.

Regardless I approched Sharon with the idea of reading a short draft of a piece of my work and she kindly agreed. I am really pleased with the outcome,it is as a piece of work in rough form (to be honest not so much Sharons voice as my written piece) and needs a little attention but I feel good about trying something a little bigger and complex.

Please try it yourself it will take less than two minites of your time ;)


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Picture for web.

Just a quick one on the subject of my story W.E.B,Rog Pile of the Workshop of Filthy Creations has created a stunning picture for the story I have in the upcomming edition of Filthy Creations 5.

I am more than happy with this it's a great piece of artwork that represents my story very well and I always get excited when someone illisurates a story of mine.

Thanks Rog :)

Saturday, 3 January 2009

09 and German for o No (well ish)

- Hope you had a grand Christmas.

- Hope you had a grand New Year

First off my story didn't make it into the next edition of The Black Book of Horror it feels a bit odd as this is my first decilned story and no doubt not my last but I guess it's now a matter of picking up my heels and writing something else.
It does have to be said and not at the detrement of the other two publications I have written for but Black Books was a step up for me and I think I should have thought about the story a bit more before I submitted it.

Anyhow I wish Charles Black and the Black Books lot's of succses with the forth edition it is indeed a grand superb publication.

However I am going to try my hand at putting a story or two of mine into an audio medium as a big fan of audio horror it's something I have always wanted to do and with a little luck and lot's of help I will be doing one later in the year.
The story is currently being written and should be finished quite's no epic :P

Here's to your progress and mine in 2009.

Don't forget this year is unwritten and you're the writer ;)