Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Finaly published

It finaly happened I have a story in print for the first time but it still doesn't feel like it has actuley happened until I have got my hands on a copy of it.
It's a story that has been finished for a while now and I made an effort to copy it up on computer and see if I could get it included in this short story collection.

I was plesently suprised that it was accpeted not being the biggest fan of my own work but then your always your own biggest critic.
It's a book that is going to be should online and it looks as if there is going to be a follow up collection to this current one so I can now start putting pen to papaer and write up another story now.
So far this is the most important achivement this year it's a leap foward because my writing is so important to me to take that first step in actuley getting it out there for people to read makes me smile.

I have actuley landed a part time job as well but this isn't such a great achivement even if I am glad I have got some paid work now.
It's a pretty meanial job the problem is I met an old school friend who told me that he could get me a good sales job with good money so I don't really know what to do (I detest sales).

This blog addition is irnoicaly dull for such exciting news but I guess I am being more mechinical with my writing today rather than creative.

Have a good day now ;)

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    and mucho congrats!
    this is wonderful!
    i want an autographed copy of your first novel.