Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Progress it seems...

Okay first off I am still reviewing the B.H.F horror book but rather than review each tale as I read them I am going to read them all then review them shouldn't be long now :)

That's that done so unto the next bits.

it feels as if progress is being made in my life I mean I still have a crumby job but that isn't really to difficult to change and the way I see it I will have a pretty dull place of work for as long as my writing is part-time.
If I manage to get a little cash from writing it would be brilliant and I am not expecting anything other than personal satisfaction out of writing I mean getting paid elephant sized bags of cash for writing isn't easy.
I am more than happy to be a not to rich writer because I know I would be happier that way than working somewhere with no spare time making okay money but having no time for what brings me joy.

Anyway that's not the real progress in my life what is would be the person who I have recently met her name is Georgy and he comes into my life like a beautifuly combined angel and devil partnership:)
It was totaly unexpected I was just trudging through the leaves of life looking up to see if I could find the sun behind the clouds and their she was arms encasing me in love.
I can feel a clear focus falling over my eyes and new swagger in my step I am growing a little more each day inside with the most lovely warm feelings.
People are capable of powering up others with the ease of an arrow through velvet and Georgys love passed into me with such guile and sublimity I don't think I knew I was hooked until I was. I got someone and that hasn't been something I could say in a long while and I aim to keep it.

All the cold places where I go seem to now thaw the frost without the bite it used to love to numb my heart with more. I have someone to accompany me on the many battles that await me in life...or should I us.

I would also like to mention to my friend Silas that I am sorry about his friends departure but all I will say is that he is stronger in spirit form than anyone can ever be in physical.
He will excel wherever he is now because he is weak no more and I bet right now is delighted with the things he is discovering about...well everything.

Keep warm and well my dear friend.


  1. Hey friend. Life feels like a kick in the balls some days, it's nice to read life is looking up for you. One of these days we'll have that beer. I promise.


  2. *waves*

    good stuff, my friend...keep writing.

  3. I've had some luck from writing this year but I will never ever make more than spare change from it. As long as you have it in your life to inspire you.
    Congrats on meeting someone too :)

  4. I am so glad for you. I suppose no news from you is good news then. :)