Monday, 30 June 2008

Where I am now

I don't usualy use my blog as a place just to talk about me (I try and varey or it gets dull) but it's probably worth bringing anyone who reads this up to speed with me.

First off I spilt up with Georgy in the middle of this April,split ups are something eveyone has been through or will and if not a tip my hat at the people who have managed to happly make thier first love thier only love. So that ment relocating back to London (bah) and moving back in with my parents...yeah I know at 29 but choice isn't always there in a country of freedom of choice heh.

So I am going to apply to study massage which isn't a cheap course and I now have to pin down some work in order just to take it...if I get in which I hope I do.
I didn't think nor want to be where I am now ethier emtionaly,finacialy or in terms of situation but as sure as unexpected things can lead to great happenings they can lend themselves well to pitfalls.

It's really a matter of scratching some optimism from an uncertain patch in my life and with around five unfinished stories and two finished I at least have material in which I can start submitting my horror again. That is core to my happiness I need to be writing and realise just how disfunctional my feelings become when I am not. Hopefully this entery isn't to mournful I try my upmost not to write anything that nears self-pity or is precieved as wound licking but just comming back from my uncles funerel (I wonder or does or indeed can put the fun in funerel :P ) I feel a little melon-colie.

Mind it was funny when I got out the car and found the black trousers I picked up to wear were actuley the wrong ones and weren't the clean ones....:o

Yep that's right I think they sported the result of a night out down the legs and it was lucky the service was only small or I would have looked like a smartly turned out vagrant ;)

So I am just going to fill a couple of college forms in and try to get some writing done today hope you have a nice day :)

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