Thursday, 5 November 2009

Sleeping habits.

Something has to give and it ethier my sanity or a regimented sleeping pattern I am not a betting man which is good as the odds don't feel to great for ethier horse.

I don't even think this song is that much of a new tune for me to sing it's certain that being asleep at the right times isn't something I feel comfertable with but it is something that I have to do so that I can do the things I need to do.

...and I have tooth ache,I am a little afraid of dentist but that's a poor excuse everyone is to a degree,well unless you have hollywood teeth.

Oh I know I promised this blog would be a place about me moaning about my stuff I suppose that makes me the lamest rebel alive,swap Marlon Brando with a skinny,unsure pale Englishman and the Norton with an oyster card and you kind of get the picture of the type of rebel I am. I sometimes place my forehead against my reflection and stare at myself just wondering why I don't have a clue or if I do and I just don't know what clues look like.

I need to write this however because the whole idea is that I can look back at this and see where I have come from and see that I am able to lift myself up from being down. The blog as a whole reads up and down,it's quite insightful and I am glad I didn't put a total ban of mentioning my private life on here as well...there is a degree of sucsess there.

Hope is something I always hold onto and life can't wrestle that from my hands and I dearly wish for that to be true for you the reader(all 3 of you...well I say three but the ratings arn't in yet :P ).

Maybe in a new series of Cracker Robbie Coltrane could use blogs as a method to gain a phsycological sense of anatomy for his suspect.

Mind you it would be a short episdoe if there was only one entry written that read:

"I done dem murders and kilt all dem people...signed Tony Bobbed"

Yeah well you may have not laughed but an attempt at a sense of humour drags you through the dregs of cyclic depression ;)

Have a good night/day.

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