Friday, 8 July 2016

Two years absence...

There has been  another gap between this and the last entry, though this fares slightly better than my writers blog which has gone without anything new since 2011.

As an excuse however I can say my efforts with writing have taken on to things like Social media, something of which has developed beyond personal vanity in the 5 years gap. I think it has at least, well you can at least put your writers page on there now and it reaches people quicker.

I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore but I don't think that's the entire point, what I will do however is put a link up on my Facebook page this blog and no doubt if have read this far you would have arrived here via that link.

Life is exciting like that.

I actually have a few ideas of what to put in this blog later on, I could go on endlessly about politics but to put it nicely...FUCK OFF!

I do indulge in that but Facebook makes it so that you get utterly sick about reading about it and feel even more jaded with writing about it. So I think something else will suffice for now. Something I enjoy and find interesting and if you like it well...that's the ticket.

I'll find out what exactly I want to do here as time goes by and maybe one day I can make a book out of it and thus burn it afterwards.

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