Sunday, 18 June 2006

Fun and regret

Last night was fun but I got a little carrried away with someone who is VERY attached to a VERY good friend of mine.
I woke up this morning with various memories of the night before flooding back to me and one particular moment stung me like an angry hornet.


Deffently one of those "I wish I didn't do that" moment the major reason wasn't so much the drink as being single for so long.
I don't really trust come on's from girls all to much and as freindly as I am I really become paranoid when I think someone likes me.
My friends girlfreind was really effectionate towards me a couple of nights ago and last night just as much.
I made a pass at her and she suddenly stopped and said "heeeey" it felt as if I just crashed into the side of a lorry and went head first through the windscreen.

I felt dirty,guilty and such a horrible bastard she is a great friend of mine and I have known her guy for ages and he is a close friend too.
In a moment of madness it seemed as if I didn't care about all that and just went and done something really dumb.
It's not an excuse just when someone tells you that your really attractive and hugs and gives you lot's of little kisses you tend read things even if you shouldn't and you should riegn in those thoughts.

Strange thing is it was a fantastic night it was the morning after that really hurt I got a phone call from the friend of mine who is involved with that girl he seemed as happy as he ever was and asked me to join them at the river side for a few drinks.
I couldn't go and actuley thought it was wise to let the dust settle because I knew she would be there.

However come Tuesday I am seeing all my friends again and I am worried how she will react when she see's me next.
I can be such a horse's arse when I put my mind in a lower gear I hope to God things will wash over and this can be forgoten about as quickly as possible.

...Ironicly I have actuley immortilised this moment by putting it in my blog...hmmm...maybe I will laugh about it later...I hope.

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