Thursday, 11 May 2006

A-Team fight scenes

Okay so this isn't dark,moody and reflective so in that case I should acutely get people reading this post hoho ;)

I am up at the early hours as usual(this time I am working on my horror short stories however:) ) and on the box is the A-Team.
Right I looked up at the T.V screen for a few seconds to see the MOST inept bunch of crooks on the face of the planet.

First of all Murdoch knocks-out a large black junk yard worker by slamming a car door in his stomach???
He proceeds to creep along the roof tops of wrecked cars to aid his fellow A-Teamers who are being held at gun point.
The criminals all seem to be as intelligent as a pork chop and not a well seasoned one at that. Anyway when Murdoch gets to the edge of the last junked out car he says "Okay pilgrims put down yer irons.." Or words to that effect(oh and it's funny how in some parts of England being called an iron is a snide way of being called homosexual HAHA!)

Well as usual the criminals all look up in unison mouths gaping which leads to the most bizarre fight scene I have seen in ages...Basically like this:

Hannibal (40/50 years old) leaps vertical up towards the head crook which cuts to a scene of him colliding into the guy like a begalise tiger???

B.A bonks a small mustachio man on the head and the guy tumbles to the floor as if he was made of play doh???

.....And that annoying passionless TWAT Face has the most effeminate fisty cuffs with another junk yard felon. All the while smiling his porcelain grin and making sure the crook doesn't hit him in the face before disposing of the said naughty fellow.

The thing that annoys me is this programme was suppose to evoke unruly and violent behavior into me as a kid and nearly got banned from I.T.V as a result.
All I have to say is if the govenment at that time saw a apocalyptic future of all conflict between man choreographed by Wayne sleep then yes maybe the A-Team would have worried you.
However if that vision of a nightmarish future has never caused you to lose any sleep(not Wayne this time) then you may see my point.

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