Monday, 10 December 2007

A butchers Dozen

It's been a good few months but here is(at last) a new entry.

I have a new project that I am working on that will the biggest yet concerning my writting,thanks to the places I have had my stories published I now feel that I can move up to publishing something of my own.

Lulu is pretty much a God send of ideas and makes it possible for me to create my own publication and this one will be a collection of 13 short stories by me.
Called A Butchers Dozen(a fantastic title thought of by my wife) it will consist of all my own work on a myraid of subject matter but all of them being in the genre of horror.

I thought it was about time I did something a little ambitious and seeing as I am not quite ready to write something of novel stature a collection of short horror feels like just the ticket.
This will be a big task still as many of the stories are yet to be written,yet I do have lot's of notes upon quite a few of the tales in advance. I am going to be looking through ALL my notes from years of idea collecting to see if anything can be used in my book or to see if anything from the past can spark a new inovation.

Laying in bed trying to get to sleep certainly helps you formulate new ideas and that's exactly how I hit upon the this venture I just hope all 13 stories are of good standard(at the least).
I will keep all you readers updated via my blog and will post samples/teasers as time goes by just to give you a taster as to what some of the stories will be like.

Keep well and warm,

James :)


  1. Good luck with it all James. Very excited about reading it!
    Sam (Sataness)

  2. Ohhhhhhhh....

    You are Sataness..doh is me!

    thank you I just hope I fully understand the amount I have to write...I hope I do :P

  3. Yeah its me. You visited my blog of the inane so I thought I would reciprocate!
    See you over at BHF! No stories on there from you recently and why not?