Saturday, 5 January 2008

Hope you loved Xmas

Well it's the final day of Chrismas tomorrow(probably 12 drummers...banging or something) so I hoped you all enjoyed yourself,to be honest I could have done without the traveling but it was great to see family and freinds.

Don't you just love the mythonligy that writers create with thier characters,this is why I am absoultly in love with A-Z descriptions of characters from classical mytholigy and up to things like Marvel superheros.

It's pretty anazing when you read a copy of The marevl Universe Handbook and see a technolgical breakdown of something like Spidermans webshooters. You never quite understand the detailed care that goes into making every aspect of a characters attributes and paraphernalia.

Thing is it's important not to get too stuck on this as I found with a recent character I have written for a story I am doing. I have a list of laws and a summary of the recent history of a paracticular outworldly fellow who is about to exsist in some pages I am to pen.

I am keeping the list in as I enjoyed writing it and I am going to work it into the story so that it bolsters the alien helping the story thrive.
I have however in the past written a vast collection of character cards that just grew and grew. It was supposed to be for a novel but just ending up dying under the sheer volume of people who were designed to be in it.

So I was left with a complex plot with a host of people whom all had no future,just completly pointless really.

So that ends a rather stringy entery but Christmas has left rather...tierd see you all soon ;)



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