Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Trick Trick to being homophobic.

Strange how politics is distracted with the phantoms of violent Hip-Hop lyrics supposedly sending all our children to grasp their AK'S and Glocks.
The truth being is that both Hip-Hop and gang violence are a simultaneously reflection or to make it sound more cliché chicken and the Egg.

I think the main danger of violent,gun and gang celebratory music is that it stays and dulls the musics culture. Nobody wants to hear the same thing over and over so 50 Cent and your ilk take a step back and let the creative types breath you will end up saving your scene in the end.

Anyhow I find concentrating on this aspect of Hip-Hop odd when there is a much more important problem at hand with Rapper Trick-Trick being the latest spokesman for it.
Telling the world that he didn't want homosexuals to purchase his new album...[i]“Homosexuals are probably not gonna like this album. I don’t want your faggot money any goddamn way. I don’t like [homosexuality]. Carry that shit somewhere else.”[/i].

To be fair he isn't the first person to display such aggression to homosexuals,which is depressing Busta Rhymes being another artist who doesn't want "The Pink Pound" it's bullshit but it's harmfull bulshit. I scratch my head as to why this is tolerated when an outright racist comment by a musicians of similar stature would be met with the full ire of a furious public.

This is a healthy response to as racism has no place in any society so why would be put up with it in music.
In this case you can tell it's men with deeply flawed masculine insecurity's because when you take a look at their musical persona's they so desperately need you to think they are all powerfull titans of the street,the ultimate alpha male if you will.
Which in a lot of cases is just a hollow image because of their total and utter fear for gay men and they final strike of hypocrisy is their attitude to lesbians.
They celebrate woman having sex with woman....but not in a way that says yeah your like us but in that freshly baked in a porn oven way.

Yep that's right made for a guy and having nothing to do with actual lesbian culture or sexuality.

So why does this bother me soo much???

Not just because I have good friends how are homosexual...partly but also because without the Lesbian and Gay community the whole music industry would be but a fragment of what it is now. Mostly however it's because I see this whole homophobic culture not only accepted in the Hip-Hop world but sadly thriving. :(

Something tells me a few people need to grow up and be more accepting.

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