Monday, 20 October 2008

In praise of Mills.

No not a tribute to a dead comdian,Bob Mills to the best of my knowledge IS alive and well and I hope it stays that way for many years to come (and I guess he does too).

Bob Mills is a man who has seemed to creep under the radar of main stream entertainment,he has flirted with prime time T.V but for the life of me I can't recall that much of his work in that time slot apart from an apprence in They Think It's All Over sometime in the mid-nineties.

I am well aware that he has done a lot of stand up work and is as much of a work horse of the comdey circuit as any other more celebrated comedians. The Programme In Bed With Me Dinner and it's follow up Still In Bed With Me Dinner are to me and the member that make up it's cult following forgoten classic television.

Broadcast for students,drunk heads and those who who lurk around the television set in the late hours of the night In Bed With Me Dinner used Bob Mills rye and lightly burning take on the world to make fun of some of the most obscure and stupid television clips from the U.K and abroad.

If you think this is some Tarrent on T.V style tosh your utterly wrong because where as Tarrent (and before him Clive James) basicly said "oh look at those funny foriegners good job were sane" Bob Mills just looked at the inanity and diliousion that the people in his programme clips displayed.

Yet I only know a handful of people who know about this show and only one other person who loves it as much as I do. To me that's a crime and poor old Bob Mills can't still get a look in on a new televison show,oh what I would give for this to come back.

So Bob Mills from me here is a place on the internet in praise of your work and one in the eye for those who over look you and your programme.

....oh yeah as a point of intrest Russell Brand made a show last year that was give or take an eye liner smudge or two a carbon copy of In Bed With Me Dinner....!?

It was a good programme and I do find Russell Brand funny but it just wasn't the wasn't Bob :(

Oh and how could I forget my favourite word....Muggy-bonehead :D

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