Friday, 27 February 2009

Let's scare the children for a change.

Okay take a look at this mans (if he is indeed a man or even human)face and tell me it doesn't frighten you.

If it doesn't scare you at least leave you slightly concerned about the mental state of the individual then I hope you don't mind of I call you a liar.

Nothing personal you understand I just think you must need a look at the fellows face AGAIN,this time think about it this way.
I that harrowing scene in A Clockwork Orange yep that's right when the Droogs were raping the woman and beating the husband to near near they wore masks with long noses.

Those masks managed to make a terrifying situation an even much horrorfying prospect I mean I can't think of many other ordeals worse than being raped but....being raped by men with frightening masks somehow (and I can't be sure how it does) makes it for a more dreadful prospect.

The thing was with that was A Clockwork Orange was an adult film and if you saw the whole picture that scene was justified to illisustrate the brutal and callious characters of the film.
However the man in the picture whose name is....Mr.Noseybonk....OH GREAT A NICE UNWEIRD NAME THEN!

Not only did he have a name that felt like a strange literal translation of a disturbed step-ftaher stroking his penis in the playground but this character was in a childrens programme called Jigsaw.

I also don't care how good the Saw films are but what is disturbing is this Mr.Noseybonk looks even more frightening that the Jigsaw killer in said horror films.

...this is my childhood and this is why I have a mind like a broken mirror.

As Sue Cook says..."Don't have nightmares"

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