Saturday, 31 January 2009

It's 200...or is it 1973?

It's all getting quite 1970's here in the U.K with a recsession that apprently hasn't been seen since the 70's and now it seems the unions are retooling by once again down tooling.

I for one would like to give a call of support to the striking workers,victims of a crashing capitilist system that thinks nothing of what it gives back to society but just what it can take and take once again.
Here lies the crux of the problem Total have been contracted to do work in this country but refuse to take on local workers in favour of Italian workers whom are prepared to wrok for less and live on a boat.

It's not the traveling workers I have any problem with and the strikers have no direct problem with them ethier. However if native workers cannot compete on a level playing field for jobs in thier own country then some action has to be taken to tell Total and our govenment that this is NOT on.

To a certain degree I do like seeing the unions finding new strengh and rediscovering thier power that Thatcher tore from them decades ago however I do fear what other parties will make of this.

Orginisations such as the BNP could see this as just the right time to divide and conquer the public and win votes,if you think the BNP taking offie is a distant nightmare only present on some distopian fiction take a look at how any facist party has got into power.

....scary isn't it.

So I do hope this striking action an foriegn worker issue doesn't mutate into a race issue,let's keep this to the matter at hand and that being striking against the corupting greed of unfeeling multi-national companies.

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