Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Dark Motorways and long dead Motocades

If a car drove down a motorway with out streetlights and without headlights. If the driver was cloaked in darkness not being able to see backwards forwards or sideways would he/she be making progress.

Would the road be leading anywhere or is it a strech of endless tarmac where the journey only ends when the car runs out of fuel.
Should the person turn around and go back to look for a turning he missed or is it impossible to do,Perhaps all they can remember was one straight road and only the illusion of alternative routes.
Could you even hear the engine it could be roaring like a pride of lions but would it be heard by a single living sole.

Just imagine this person gets out the car pulls up at the laybye and waits if his appointment was with bleak nothingness he would be early.
The driver sits down on the verge and looks...Examines tire tracks and barriers made filthy through fumes.
Listen and you too can hear the specters of the past the old traffic jams the bleating horns of angry vehicles. All gone now all away from here this driver has missed it all I think this driver whomever they may be couldn't take the struggle. They felt the rigid motorcade and furious jaw snapping people were too much to take.

However they are all somewhere finally in a place who knows where but you can be sure there is light there and warmth and company.
This driver swapped all this in preference for the cold dark night the lightless void too which he alone owned...Or did it own the driver.

The sun had set and died here the night pushing it down and ripping it away from the sky so the driver walked back to the car.
Sat down and thought,eyes closed the driver flicked a switched one that failed time after time praying and sweating chilling tears from the skin the switch was slowly turned again.

This time not only did the engine growl and thunder against the unfriendly twilight but the headlights came on ...The driver gasped ...Crying shocked something had happened.

Something force him to carry on...To drive forward and refuse to turn the head back...To eat the road up with the vehicles tires.
The driver visualized a destination ...One with light,warmth and people.....And if the lights can be turned on so can the destination.

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  1. Although set in darkness, the bleak feel in this entry in your blog immediately conjured images in my mind by the Danish photographer Finn Manford; who's work captures deserted locations, often highways.

    The particular prints that spring to mind are 'Baghdad cafe' and 'Mono Lake'

    Both of which can bee seen here:

    Really atmospheric piece. I enjoyed it.