Tuesday, 9 September 2008

In the works

As of now W.E.B has been submitted to a friend of mine called Rog Pile (he runs The British Antholigy Hell Forum and publish horror short story collection Filthy Creations) he told me previously that the story disturbed him.

No...not in the sense that he felt he had to call the law but in the sense that it was a decent horror story,which I admit was a relief because you can never tell if anyone likes what you do until they read it.

Hopefully even if this doesn't see the light of day on Filthy Creations it will be good enough to submit elsewhere. I am also working on another story that has the working title of The Fabric Condition,it's going quite well and I have my sights to submit it to a publication I have been to afraid to send it to before (mainly due to the sheer amount of professionals who write for it).

I am modestly optimistic about getting a green light for it's inclusion but seeing as it's not even written yet I won't get too ahead of myself. Sculpture another story that is complete will be submitted somewhere to but I need to get my hands on it as it's with someone else right now and they are not that easy to contact,I am fairly sure I do have a copy elsewhere however.

Then there is Ogre a taleI haven't quite got to grips with yet but I am now finaly thinking about turning my attention towards it and giving it a final crack even if the outcome isn't perfect.

Also expect two other themes to pop up in two future tales that are in note form at the moment those themes being The Wild Hunt and The River Thames.

The later I have have some exciting plans for.

So for those who read this to see how my writing is getting on there you are I think I am finaly starting to get some wheels moving and producing a little more than I have previously :)

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