Saturday, 13 September 2008

Other Places.

I have set myself up so that I have a skill for work (massage) and with hard work and application I should be able to take this to the work place for a job I can get more satisfaction from. I will always have my writing to and will keep doing this for whole of my life and as long as I am writing there is always the possibilty I may get lucky and get a professional contract.

This Monday I have an interview for a job I don't really want but I shall give it my all anyway for the fact that I need the money and if anything it's good practice. However I get the feeling that I don't have anything to keep in U.K much longer,don't get me wrong I do loke the U.K but I keep feeling that I need to explore somewhere else I don't know if I want to grow old in this country.

I have family here but you have to live your life for the things you need and want to do,I did have someone here who I wanted to marry but that broke up and I am but a bad dream to the other person.

So what do I do?

Prior to meeting my ex I had plans to moving out the country but when I met her I saw no reason to be anywhere else but by her side and the fact I didn't want to be anywhere else but with her. She wanted to stay in the U.K and I was more than happy to stay here because I couldn't imagine being without her.

Things change.

In some ways I find myself back at sqaure one but then not completely because this time around I am armed with more knowledge than I had been before.
Still again I feel the need to not only finish moving on emtionaly but moving on physicaly I want to start something else in another part of the world,I want to experences something other than what I have where I am.

I am uncertain as to weather I have left it too late I am only 29 but that is old in terms of immigration to certain countries. I have the idea of Canada in the back of my mind and maybe I will do it I am unsure but one thing I am sure about and that's adding new things to my life.

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