Monday, 13 October 2008

Tears- Blood from a wounded heart/Daimonds from the souls joy mine.

Do we only notice what is really going on when the physicals signs materialise do we only actually find out the truth when visual action is displayed.

Tears and crying hold a dear and fearful fascination that draws closer to me as I grow older and learn. The truth is you and I both cry for a myriad of reasons,so many causes that they could only ever be out numbered by the fragmented eternal reflections inside a jewelled hidden chamber of mirrors.

I can only speak upon what I have felt and seen as to why we cry tears and this is what I have learned.


Another human needs help they cry as a signal of distress to another. S.O.S it states "I am vulnerble and hurt" have they been neglected or shut away the feelings they should of allowed themselves to feel.
Some say that when we cry for sadness,loss,stress or fear it could be the last resort and the steps that should of been taken to prevent it happening were sadly not done. Now is the time to clutch the hand of the other and share the strength,unburden and touch their cheek with tender care.

Stop the bleeding from the heart,stem the tears.

Have you ever felt that connection to another crying whether you see it on Television,in the street or someone close to you. It's affecting and at times causes the witness to weep too.


Relief,Joy and Happiness this time an event is so wonderful that you cannot fully take in it's real it's unlike tears of sadness when you wish it wasn't.
Gravity is inverted here everything lifts spring is always and all you want to do is share the life in your heart with everyone.

People seem to understand exactly what to do in this situation is it because it's less complex? Probably because it's positive...but whichever it is committed actions are highly likely when someone sees you like this or you see them.

I am trying to return the blog in a slightly more eclectic style (as it was before and as it was supposed to be) things have become far to personal on here really.
So maybe this little observational entry makes a pleasant change :)

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