Sunday, 5 October 2008

Horror story news...Filthy Creations 5!

Right some news on what's up next from me and where you can read my latest storys,W.E.B a story that has been put on my blog is to be included in the fifth edition of one of the nets best kept secrets Filthy Creations. So I am really happy about that and a big thank you goes out to Rog Pile who not only runs and edits the publications but is also a sterling horror writer in his own right.

Dracula 1982 A.D will also see print in the third edition of The British Horror Forum Book of Horror but as I have no more information as to when this will come out I can't update anyone. The cover is completed,all the storys are there and I don't think it is too far off seeing the light of day,I would imagine you should expect this title in about November...but remeber that is just a guess.

Charles Black has also kindly gave me the opitunity to send a story in for consideration for his short story collection Black Book of Horror,this will be the third edition and I am going to try my level best to get in it.
Things as with all the publications I have had my work included in I am in the company of some extremely gifted writers (and artists) so it's always a matter of having to write at your best.

So I am off to look for a proof reader :P

Take Care.

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