Friday, 16 January 2009

Phonic Fear.

A quick early post just to point you in the direction of a audio horror experment I did with a friend of mine name Sharon.
I recently heard a piece she did as an audio tale and I really liked her voice I thought she had a distinct ability to convey feeling and atmosphere in the way she spoke. I had also tried converting one of my stories (Beggers Banquet) in audio format and it did get recorded albiet unedited but I am no longer in contact with the person so unfourtunatly that recording won't ever see the light of day.

Regardless I approched Sharon with the idea of reading a short draft of a piece of my work and she kindly agreed. I am really pleased with the outcome,it is as a piece of work in rough form (to be honest not so much Sharons voice as my written piece) and needs a little attention but I feel good about trying something a little bigger and complex.

Please try it yourself it will take less than two minites of your time ;)


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