Saturday, 3 January 2009

09 and German for o No (well ish)

- Hope you had a grand Christmas.

- Hope you had a grand New Year

First off my story didn't make it into the next edition of The Black Book of Horror it feels a bit odd as this is my first decilned story and no doubt not my last but I guess it's now a matter of picking up my heels and writing something else.
It does have to be said and not at the detrement of the other two publications I have written for but Black Books was a step up for me and I think I should have thought about the story a bit more before I submitted it.

Anyhow I wish Charles Black and the Black Books lot's of succses with the forth edition it is indeed a grand superb publication.

However I am going to try my hand at putting a story or two of mine into an audio medium as a big fan of audio horror it's something I have always wanted to do and with a little luck and lot's of help I will be doing one later in the year.
The story is currently being written and should be finished quite's no epic :P

Here's to your progress and mine in 2009.

Don't forget this year is unwritten and you're the writer ;)

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