Tuesday, 4 April 2006

From Atoms To Anthologies

If there is something that really gets under my skin above all else then it's procrastination leavin it 'till tomorrow in other words.
I do this a lot when it comes to writing and I am not going to even try to foll people that I am an industrious writer because that would be a lie and why lie.
I have pads upon pads of ideas and notes story formulas that I to turn into something worth while.
I want to draw in all the gunge of ideas and thought process's on papaer and create something great,something worthy for a few people to read.

Looking through old ideas I see where I fall foul to the deamons of leathargy you see an idea that was once hot can so easily grow cold and decay.
A good writer should keep the idea bruning with enthusiam and drive the problem is I lack patenace and want things to happen automaticly.
This is not a good trait for a writer to have because the nitty gritty of doing your work is basicly about sitting doing and doing it.
I suppose if you want something more active you should be a would cutter...the problem there is I can't cut wood and I if I could I would probably stand there day dreaming about being a writer.



The other draw back is my technical English isn't too good ethier the morse estute may notice this as your read(if you read) this blog I hope my writing is at least bearable.
So when I write a first draft I have to edit the thing about four or five times. Even then when I pass it on to someine else it's will still have mistakes it's almost like buying a t-shirt with dirt on it already.
So as you can guess I do get passed over as being unitelligent or just not worth while.
I posted a short story on a Horror Forum a while back and I was in such a rush to get it done I only put it through the spell check ONCE.
For me that's a diabolical error and my work was hideously slated from one memebr inparticular.
I fired back at the critisim at first but then when I taken time to rethink my actions I found it wasn't the story that let me down but my lack of forsight.
Well I know better now and my skin has become a little thicker through the experence and I think it will teach me to better writing practice for the future.
A the present moment I am set to meet my younger brother in the libary up the road we are going to talk through some ideas for a comdey script.
It's just fun but I think it will do me good as getting caught in a cycle of inactivity for too long degrades you and your talent.

If I can just get the atoms of my ideas to merge into something I may one day create an anthology...it's a theory and I want to at least have a crack at it .

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  1. don't let anything stop you. the only way to get better at writing, is to simply write. personally, i will love reading it.