Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Money spiders or Ants?

Have you ever been in the kitchen or bathroom and see that little black crawling speck pass your eyes?

The chances are it was from the corner of your eye and you didn't get to see it properly. So you recheck because you thought you saw a money spider and we all know the folklore behind a money spider.

You gently pick it up betwein finger and thumb and rotate it around your head three times. If you do this it is said fourtune comes your way in the finacial sense I try not to be trapped by superstition but I afford to pass up magik ;)
I find that when I find a money spider or someone else does it brings a smile and a giggle to thier faces and a sense that it was lucky to find such a darling little spider.

However sometimes when you do look again from the corner of your eye it turns out just to be a normal black ant and you snear or sigh in dissapointment.
I mean there are thousands,Millions,Billons of ants thier not special ...thier all the same not magical like the money spider.
They don't offer the possiblity of unearned riches ants arn't omens they don't even weave webs to eat the flies that land on your dinner.

The ant is ignored becuase it's just like all the other mindless drones of other worker ants mindlessly working it's life away for it's queen.
One of of one-hundred...of a thousand..a million...legion!

When you look at the world and you see the queens and kings infront of the flash of cameras courted by the many who ethier admire them or in hope that being in proxy with them some of the queens/kings magik may rub off on them.
When you think and look in the mirror you can't help but feel like the ant you passed by in the kitchen.

It's a cliche but with out the black ant The Queen would starve and perish and you may be a black ant but you hold much more power than you will ever know.

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  1. this is something i never knew about. very cool!