Monday, 10 April 2006

Off the Cuff Blood...

Right down below is a straight off the cuff peice of writing that has no direction or real purpose other than to see where my thoughts go and to see how it turns out on text :)

Battling from the shore he fought off hordes of the armoued demons. The tide raging behind him the froth and foam the sea bit the shore with a toothless mouth but rabid bite.

The masked invaders feet sunk in the wet sands as he trudged to the mainlaand crushing the swarming demons like soo man tin cans.
Reacing soild his progress became labourd and slow striking his sword into the soil to gain balance and purchase into the vile land.
The demons slain he viewed his horizen the dark red skies hummed with malice and war the struggle had only just began and maybe he was too late.

Even with his might may not be enough to even the odds this clash of forces,this final pursuit of destiny may have already been lost yet still the warrior continued.
He must the people of this diseased soild had activated his exsistance tharwed him from his glacial rest.
Stood tall upon the hill side he noticed to the west the burning fortresses the smoke bellowed a smog of roasting flesh and crushed machinery.
East held little promise of hope the legions of skeletal buzzards massed upon any living and free thinking being and tore them to shreds,eating,ripping.

The warrior progressed north the great grey plains of dead grass lay ahead and so did the forces breed to stop him those three deadly creations that could only be made but not born due to thier diabolical darkness.
The warrior roared into the raw crimson heavens he cried for rain to aid him and it came hard and fast to quell the fires and aid the populas of this dying terrian.

This quest had only started and he must finish it NOW he must furfil the pact he made thousands of years ago, A pact sealed by spitirt and will....

Okay...that started off in my head as just a vision of something stroming a shore battling turned into something else along the way :)..I don't have clue if it will ever be used.

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  1. it was a fun piece to read. I could hear the cogs in your cranium churning......

    love the blog!!