Thursday, 31 July 2008

Films of power

I don't take myself seriously which I find is a pretty good tip if you are to survive this life but I do take my films seriously. It's not that I don't love the odd brainless film because I do and pictures that make me laugh until my blander submits are amoung my favourtie movies.

However films that make the most impact with me,ones that I recomend more than any other are films that move me and on occasion even make me cry.
Not in a way which makes you wallow in your own emotions so that you end up feeling sorry for yourself but films that make you realise just how fragile people are and why it's vital to connect with the part of yourself that is far more valuble than any physcial posesstion or physical apprence.

Below is a list that I think you should watch be warned all are moving and some are even distrubing.
None are grapihc in horror or gore but they do deal with core emtional issues that causes us to take a little more care in how we behave,ones with a star denote films that have made me cry.
I am not sure how useful that is to anyone but it is a sign as to how strong some of these films are:

Dead Mans Shoes*

When The Wind Blows


The Plauge Dogs

One Night Stand

Threads (this is quite a graphic film actuley)

There are most probably a few more I could add to that list but these are the important ones I want to write down,they are in no particular order and as you can see the list is dominated by films on the theme of nuclear war. They are all worthy of a viewing and if you can get a loved one to watch one with you it does make for something special to share.

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